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必威西汉姆官网无麸质圣诞米脆性方块食谱 - 无烘烤(乳制品选项)

必威西汉姆官网无麸质圣诞米酥脆方块食谱,任何人吗?没有烘烤,可能是最容易的最令人置身的节日治疗。YEP - 你在顶部看到的Kitkat Santas和节日朋友也是乳糜雀和麦子。

必威西汉姆官网无麸质圣诞米酥脆方块食谱 - YUP,无需任何无麸质面粉,无需转动烤箱!最好的,您只需要6种简单的成分和可选的碎屑甘蔗顶部。

Gluten-free Christmas Rice Crispy Squares Recipe - No-bake (dairy-free option)


(well, I did before making tons of Christmas recipes with them)

But considering they’re the ONLY KitKat product I’ve ever seen that’s gluten-free (apart from the suspiciously similar Easter bunnies), I think that’s ok, right?

And why should rice crispy squares be left out of getting the full festive treatment this year? They definitely can’t hide from my festive baking wrath – almost wrote ‘wreath’, but festive puns are always welcome, I guess.


Why make my gluten-free Christmas rice crispy squares?

  • This is completely no-bake – that means no gluten-free flour required and no need to switch the oven on.
  • 味道是世界 - 在圣诞节的所有Chocoholics的完美款待,这是非常容易的。
  • 没有人会知道他们是无麸质 - 默顿不会知道差异!必威西汉姆官网
  • KitKat Santas and Festive Friends are gluten-free (linked in FAQ section) so celebrate that fact by making these!
  • This is a fool-proof recipe – you absolutely cannot fail with this one and it’s 100% beginner friendly.

Gluten-free Christmas Rice Crispy Squares Recipe - No-bake (dairy-free option)

So what do my gluten-free Christmas rice crispy squares taste like?

底座完全束缚着那些明显的米酥脆蛋糕纹理 - 脆脆,脆皮用粘的棉花糖,都用熔化的牛奶巧克力调味。


Then, optionally sprinkle on some crushed candy cane for the ultimate finish!



  • gluten-free rice crispy cereal
  • 黄油
  • marshmallows
  • 牛奶巧克力
  • white chocolate
  • Kit Kat Santas and Kit Kat Festive Friends
  • candy canes, crushed (optional)

Gluten-free Christmas Rice Crispy Squares Recipe - No-bake (dairy-free option)

So I thought I’d kick things off with a little frequently asked questions section – if you just want the recipe, then keep scrolling.

But I’ve thrown in some tips here that will be really helpful if this is your first time making this, or you want to adapt it. So here they are!

Gluten-free Christmas rice crispy squares recipe: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make this recipe gluten-free?

它是无麸质的必威西汉姆官网,虽然没有人只是通过品尝它 - 相信我!

Bear in mind that minimising cross-contamination is hugely important if you’re Coeliac or making this for someone who is. Here’ssome tips from Coeliac UK on minimising the risk of cross contamination.

此外,确保所用的所有成分没有任何含有含有含有含有含有麸质成分。然后确保他们也没有“可能包含”警告麸质,小麦,黑麦,大麦,燕麦(不是GF),拼写和Khorasan小麦(AKA Kamut)。

这里有一些信息Coeliac UKon identifying safe gluten-free products.

我可以让你的无谷蛋白圣诞米饭脆必威西汉姆官网squares recipe dairy free?

Yes, you can easily make this dairy-free with a few simple swaps:

  • Start by swapping the milk and white chocolate to dairy-free milk/white chocolate.
  • 然后,确保您使用Stork Hard Margarine而不是黄油 - 不要为此使用可展现的乳制品免费人造黄油!
  • 您可以轻松地将它们交换为乳制品替代品,而不是使用Kitkat节日朋友,而不是使用Kitkat节日朋友。like these dairy-free Santa bars


我可以让你的无谷蛋白圣诞米饭脆必威西汉姆官网squares recipe vegan?

是的,按照建议进行这种乳制品,然后你只需要更简单的交换 - 棉花糖。

Fortunately you can easilybuy gluten-free AND vegan marshmallows online from Amazon.

These are a little expensive, so you can always pop into Marks and Spencer who now do Plant Kitchen vegan marshmallows, I believe!

Is your gluten-free Christmas rice crispy squares recipe low FODMAP?

不幸的是,这道菜含有很多奶制品, so you won’t be able to attempt this until you’ve successfully reintroduced dairy.

Are KitKat festive friends gluten-free?

Yes! They even state it on the front of the packet. See the photo above for what they look likeor you can check them out here and read the ingredients for yourself


Gluten-free Christmas Rice Crispy Squares Recipe - No-bake (dairy-free option)

Which rice crispies are gluten-free?


Some of these barley-containing products USED to be certified by Coeliac UK because they contain less than 20 parts per million of gluten, which according toCoeliac UK,这使得它们为腹腔疾病的人提供安全。




Sadly not as the marshmallows are what binds the rice crispy cake together and gives it a lovely, sticky finish and sweet flavour.

Plus, for example, unlike using honey as a binder, marshmallows will bind the cocoa pops together without having to bake them.


这两者都是这个食谱的总矫枉过正,特别是因为食品加工机会混合Cocoa Pops而不是混合它们!




What you will need however is a 9″ square baking tin –here’s the one I use。除此之外,你还需要一点烘焙纸!

Do I need weighing scales to make your gluten-free Christmas rice crispy squares?

In short… yes, yes and yes! And I wouldn’t advise attempting any my recipes without them.

A lot of work went into fine tuning ratios and quantities and for me, baking is all about consistency and precision. I want you to make this recipe and for it to turn out EXACTLY like mine did.

我推荐使用digital cooking scales喜欢这些,所以你知道你可以准确地测量并尽可能准确地复制我的食谱。

How can I tell when my gluten-free Christmas rice crispy squares are ready to cut?



How long can I keep my gluten-free Christmas rice crispy squares for?

I’ve kept them for about 4-5 days in an air-tight container with no problems. If you need to keep them any longer than that, I’d highly recommend freezing them (see advice below for doing that).


当然!我已经将它们冻结长达2-3个月没问题。在冻结之前将它们切片 - 这样您就可以简单地解冻切片,就像需要时一样。


Gluten-free Christmas rice crispy squares recipe: Method

Oh and here’s a printable version of my gluten-free Christmas rice crispy squares recipe. Please remember to give it 5 stars if you tried it and enjoyed it as it helps people know it’s worth trying too! ⭐️

Gluten-free Christmas Rice Crispy Squares Recipe - No-bake (dairy-free option)

Gluten-free Christmas Rice Crispy Squares Recipe - No-bake (dairy-free option)

准备时间: 20分钟
Additional Time: 2小时
总时间: 2小时20分钟



  • 180g gluten-free rice crispy cereal
  • 70克黄油(如果乳制品,请使用Stork Hard Margarine)
  • 200g marshmallows
  • 100克牛奶巧克力(或无需乳制品替代品)

For the topping

  • 230g milk chocolate (or dairy-free alternative if necessary)
  • 70g white chocolate (or dairy-free alternative if necessary)
  • Kit Kat Santas and Kit Kat Festive Friends (linked in FAQ section alongside a dairy-free alternative)
  • 糖果手杖,粉碎(可选装饰!)


  1. In a saucepan, melt together your butter, milk chocolate and marshmallows. Stir throughout, it will take a little while, but don't let it stick. It will be smooth, thick and sticky once done.
  2. 将米饭Krispies放入一个大碗中,并倒在非常粘的棉花糖混合物中。尝试将其与刮刀混合在一起,以便您的米饭Krispies均匀覆盖。但是,我总能找到我最终用我的手 - 这是非常粘的但值得!
  3. Once the rice krispies are coated spoon them into a prepared 9x9 inch square tin (with non-stick baking paper in it). Press them in so they're nice and firm. I like to use a potato masher to push them down.
  4. 在单独的碗中熔化你的牛奶巧克力和白色巧克力。首先将牛奶倒在一起,然后舀出白巧克力并旋转它,以串行扭曲大理石效果。
  5. 把你的kit kat圣诞老人和节日的朋友放在融化的巧克力上面。
  6. 放在冰箱里完全设置和冷藏。
  7. Once set, remove from the tin and cut into squares. Enjoy!

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


每份的量: Calories:256. Total Fat:13g 饱和脂肪:8g Trans Fat:0G. 不饱和脂肪:3g 胆固醇:16毫克 Sodium:71毫克 碳水化合物:34G. 纤维:1G 糖:24G. 蛋白质:3g



Any questions about the recipe? Please do let me know by following me onInstagram让我发表评论最近的照片!

Thanks for reading,

becky xxx.



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